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Writing in Light with the PENDULIGHT

Treat your visitors to an innovative experience: a special light pendulum that draws beautiful, self-erasing patterns of infinite variety.


  • Writes with light
  • Infinite possible patterns
  • No friction
  • No need to erase
  • No need to replace
  • No paper waste

The visitors control the pattern of light.

By pressing a button, they determine whether the light flow is continuous or flashing.

Beautiful and challenging, the PENDULIGHT demonstrates the use of photochromic material to record movement.

It is an exhibit that arouses curiosity and encourages conversation among visitors.

PENDULIGHT can either stand alone or be incorporated into exhibits on Mechanics, Newton's Laws of Motion, Harmonic Oscillations, Clocks and Time Measurement.

PENDULIGHT is an engaging exhibit for all ages.

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Date Created: 22/10/12
Date Updated: 22/10/12