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Light Writing

No more wasted paper! Write without ever touching the page! Draw on water!

Cutting-edge laser technology developed by the Science Museum.

Draw beautiful, self-erasing patterns of infinite variety on reusable material.

No contact! No friction! No need for erasers! No paper waste!

You can even write from a distance!


Based on photochromic material that are sensitive to violet light and LED flashlights or small lasers. Comes in blue, red and purple and can cover any surface (flat or three-dimensional).

Electronic circuits controlling the light enable “automatic drawing” and by dissolving the material in liquid one can see flow lines and heat convection.

Ideal for:

Toys, games, light signatures, silhouettes, temporary sunprints, erasable writing & reusable paper.

Scientific exhibits and demonstrations, tracking and recording movement (pendulums, cogwheels).

Demonstrating liquid flow and heat transfer.

Kinetic art and sculpture.

Writing practice, sketching, copying.

Our experience

Pendulight – pendulum draws Lissajous figures - widely marketed to science museums in Israel and abroad

Footprints of Light – wide variety of interactive exhibits

Scientific background – published in Physics Education.

YNET report

Pendulight brochure

Patents (US7804054, US8617436 and others pending)

Buy an experience kit

Kit includes one 10 x 15 cm sheet of photochromic material, one purple LED flashlight

Cost: NIS 25 (includes postage).

Contact Us

Dr. Amir Ben-Shalom
Tel: 972 (0)54-2406559
Date Created: 03/06/14
Date Updated: 04/05/17