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Israel Space Week 2020 – Living and Working in Space

Astronomical observations through observatory telescopes * Inflatable planetarium * 3D movie – Journey to Space * Science demonstrations * Workshops and many other activities for the entire family
Tuesday &Wednesday, 28-29 January 29th, 2020
16:00 – 21:00
Free entrance!

Free parking at the parking lot next to the Alon-Givat Ram gaz station (next to the Joint building).
The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem will host Space Week courtesy of the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology to increase awareness of and interest in space.
The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites you to Israel Space Week, to enjoy free activities at the Museum on Tuesday, January 28th, and Wednesday, January 29th, between the hours of 16:00 – 21:00. Free entrance! No need for prior registration
Activities include: construction workshops, scientific demonstrations, entertaining performances, and lectures on how we will live and work in outer space in the future.
In the not so distant future human life will also exist on planets very distant from earth. Israel Space Week raises questions regarding future life conditions in space: how do you sleep in space? What do you eat? How do you exercise and stay healthy? And many other questions asked by both children and adults when trying to imagine life beyond our planet.
Main Activities, January 28th and January 29th
Hands-on workshop: Crystal Garden – in this workshop children and parents recreate an experiment conducted by Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon on board the Columbia space shuttle. Participants will grow a crystal garden in a saturated solution within a glass bottle into which they will place two types of crystals as crystallization kernels. A chaotic crystallization process will take shape, creating unique mineral tree formations in the solution, which visitors can take home (age 7 and over).

Spacesuit – active workshop (run by the Youth Division of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem): one of the obvious dangers of space travel is radiation from our sun or other sources. This workshop familiarizes visitors with the different types of radiation, especially UV rays, by studying a spacesuit intended to protect astronauts. Visitors can measure simple UV radiation using an improvised ‘radiation meter’ (ages 12 and over).
Blast Off! Rocket demonstration – have you ever wondered how spaces ships and huge rockets are launched into space? Or, what is the connection between water and space shuttles flying to the moon? In this surprising scientific demonstration with audience participation, you can find out. Discover astonishing details in a model of the first manned spacecraft to reach the moon. You can also fly special balloons and launch amazing rockets! (for the entire family).

Astronomical observations through giant telescopes: At sunset, three telescopes will be set up in the Museum’s Wohl Plaza. They will be pointed at astronomical objects such as Mars, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, offering visitors a glimpse into a distant and wonderful world (for the entire family).

Inflatable planetarium – the planetarium is a hemispherical envelope where visitors can view a simulation of the sky and its movements. The planetarium experience offers an initial encounter with the celestial bodies and their movements, and with the myths that grew around them (for the entire family).
Tour for families with Spacey Naftali – entertaining tour of the Museum’s space-related exhibits, led by an actor (for the entire family).
Moon Shadow Station demonstration – guided activity in a darkened environment where visitors can ‘park’ in space and take an outside look at the magical, three-part system of sun, earth, and moon. Visitors can study the variety of interesting phenomena created by this system and learn about the different phases of the moon (age 8 and over).

Children’s show: Moon and Missiles: To mark 50 years since man first landed on the moon, the Israel Space Agency has decided to send Dr. Molecule to the moon to look into the possibility of setting up a manned Israeli space station. It isn’t clear if he will survive the landing, or how he will handle conditions on the moon, but one thing is certain – it will be funny!
3D movie – Journey to Space
The next stop is… MARS! We invite you to fasten your seatbelt, make yourself comfortable, and journey into space…
In the last five decades humanity has broken through the barriers of the stratosphere (the middle layer of the earth’s atmosphere). We have walked on the moon, and are constantly living in and studying space. In the coming decades our insatiable curiosity will take humanity far beyond the boundaries of earth to discover new planets and worlds.
A breathtaking and exciting film for the whole family with interior and exterior shots from the voyages of various space vehicles, the space mission to fix the Hubble telescope, and impressive views of earth from space. These are revealed for the first time through the eyes of two NASA astronauts, Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunan (a young astronaut selected for future missions). The movie presents an overview of humanity’s achievements in space, current missions, and future plans (age 5 and over. Hebrew dubbing. Movie length: approximately 30 minutes).
Activities that will take place ONLY on Wednesday, January 29th:
Israeli Space Agency complex

Space station – guided tour: what will future space stations look like? This booth will present life in space in preparation for permanent living arrangements there.
Space meals: how will we provide basic nutrition in space? How do you eat in space when there is no gravity? Visitors can take a look at the food served to astronauts and learn how to grow food hydroponically in space. A variety of food products made by the Scientist Chef in his cool lab will be presented, as well as the different ways they can be eaten (vacuum packaging, freeze-drying, tubes).
Space gloves: hands-on, guided booth where children are invited to attempt daily activities while wearing space gloves created especially for Israel Space Week.
Operating a rover vehicle in space: an area simulating a planet’s bumpy surface where children can operate rovers by remote control while coping with surface conditions such as craters, rocks, and stones.
Space film area: parents and children are invited to enter the film area, make themselves comfortable, and watch movie clips on Israel and space.
Prepare yourself for space: athletic booth simulating an astronaut training camp in preparation for space flight.
2040 space agency visitor center! The Israel Space Agency’s employment bureau invites children to interview for a variety of fascinating (and futuristic) jobs. Would you like to be a robot mechanic on Mars? A welder in space? Operate mining equipment on the moon? An astro-biologist? A space doctor? A space babysitter? Etc.
Astronaut lecture: Mark T. Vande HeA astronaut, guest of the Space Agency, will give lecture and attend a Q&A session with the audience (the lecture will be in English. Age 12 and over. Please note – may be subject to change).
There will also be various lectures during both evenings by space experts and scholars (details of the lectures will be posted soon).
Special Needs event
On Wednesday 29.1.2020, 14:00 – 16:00, the Museum invites families with children who has special needs to come and enjoy a 'quiet time' before the event will be opened to the general public. For registration please call 02-6544888 
We recommend using public transport to and from the Museum.
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