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Plan Your Visit to the Museum

We recommend that you allow two to three hours for your visit.

It is necessery to buy tickets and schedule your visit here


Children who have reached "supermarket age" are old enough to appreciate a visit to the museum. In other words, if your child enjoys going grocery shopping with you, he or she will find something of interest at the museum. And remember: free admission for children under five.

To enhance the pleasure of your upcoming visit, think about the time of year and the school calendar. During summer vacation, for example, you can avoid crowds by coming in the afternoon hours.

Every day, the museum hosts guided tours of the exhibitions, hand-on workshops for children, science demonstrations, and talks on various topics. All these activities are designed to accompany the museum's currently featured exhibitions and events. Consult "What's on at the Museum" for a complete list, and pick up a daily schedule at the information desk for the most up-to-date details.

If you come with the whole family, consider splitting up for a while so that everyone visits the exhibitions they'll enjoy most. Some exhibitions are geared especially for adults; be sure to make time for them.


Don't forget your camera! The pictures you take will expand your experiences and may be a springboard for discussing and further exploring the science topics you encountered on your visit.

In the museum's outdoor garden, you can grab a snack at the cafeteria or enjoy a meal you bring from home. Since the cafeteria is not always open during museum hours, pack something to eat if you live far away. You can add a treat if the cafeteria is open.

Most visitors leave the museum feeling there was still more to see and experience. An annual subscription begins to pay for itself on about the third visit (depending on the size of your family). If you leave with that same feeling, you can purchase a subscription on site at a reduced price (subtracting the cost of your visit that day). With your membership card in hand, you can return for a full year of changing exhibitions and events, without the pressure of "getting it all in" on one visit.

See you at the Science Museum!

Date Created: 13/04/10
Date Updated: 29/07/21