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18 June – 8 October 2015
Music and fun for the whole family this summer at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem 

Guest exhibition of 60 giant musical instruments invite you to play,
experiment, and build.
Performances, workshops and demonstrations
A summer of music and fun at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem! Guest exhibition by artist and builder Michael Bradke from Germany. More than 60 exhibits constructed from simple found materials invite viewers to try them out and create their own musical instruments. The displays are designed to stimulate curiosity and foster an intuitive grasp of musical principles such as rhythm, pitch, and the intervals between notes.
The exhibits are made of diverse materials include large sewer pipes, stone, wood, glass and plastic. Visitors are welcome to tap on the instruments, whisper into them, immerse them in water, change their size and shape, and create a wide range of sounds. Each exhibit invites you to touch, to activate, and to create your own music. No musical knowledge is necessary. The exhibition appeals to everyone. It encourages creativity while promoting cooperation and teamwork. 
Electronic music displays inside the Museum invite young people to expand their musical knowledge and create music.

Enjoy these attractions at no extra cost (Please note the days when each activity takes place):
- Students from the Music Academy in Jerusalem perform Chamber music on ‘conventional’ instruments and explain each piece. (Saturday)
- Caution - Percussion! TCome and join in to a sound, tones and rhythm experience, in which every participant has a role to play in the METALOPHONE percussion band. Come drum, shake, get to the rhythm and enjoy! (Saturday)
- Saxophone Balloon – Museum instructors and students from Jerusalem art schools conduct workshops on how to construct musical instruments using simple materials and you can take it home as a souvenir! (Monday - Thursday, Saturday)
- Build & Play – Building and experiment workshop - Visitors build from simple materials and mechanisms in a musical surrounding, joining their creations together, and constructing large musical instruments. (Saturday)
- Seeing Sounds – Scientific musical demonstration uses sound waves to break glasses, ‘plays music’ in a gas tube containing dancing flames, and shows how voices can be seen. (Monday - Thursday, Saturday)
- Light & Sound – Carrots, broomsticks and baroque flutes are all tubes. Physicist and musicologist, Or Dubkowski, demonstrates how to play music using a variety of tubes (July – Saturdays only! / August – daily). (Saturday)
- Band March – The Pyromania group invites you to a special tempo, rhythm and noisy experience! Come and join the lively march, which starts at the Science Garden, continues inside the Museum and ends at the Wohl Plaza with a celebration of music and drumming.(Saturday)

3D nature film: Wings of Life
Fascinating three dimensional film produced by Disney Nature. A festival of color invites you to fly with butterflies, bees, bats and birds, flitting from flower to flower, in dozens of locations worldwide. Special techniques and close-up photography bring you close to the stunning creations of nature and show how flowers attract winged creatures for purposes of pollination.
The film is narrated in Hebrew.
Length of film: 40 minutes.
Additional fee – NIS 10.
Apart from the musical exhibits the Museum features many more displays and exhibitions suited to all ages. 
Michael Bradke, artist and builder of musical instruments, is coming from Germany to set up his exhibition and instruct the Museum staff.                                                                                                                     Bradke interacts directly with the audience, introducing them to the principles of music. He demonstrates methods of constructing musical instruments out of diverse materials, combining science, technology, and music.
Bradke, who founded the Mobile Music Museum in Düsseldorf, Germany, takes his traveling exhibition to science and music festivals. He holds master classes and workshops for builders of art installations, and performs before professionals and the general public. 
Musica is supported by the Goethe Institute to mark 50 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany, and also by the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts. Summer activities are supported by the company Teva.
Date Created: 14/06/15
Date Updated: 25/10/15