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The Living Lab

How do children learn to talk? How do they learn about the world?

Many people are interested in how children develop, but do not have access to the research in this field.

The Living Lab offers a way to participate in real developmental research, by taking part in short and fun games and tasks.

This experience will give you a look inside the science of children’s development. In the Living Lab you can ask researchers about their work and research methods, hear about the latest evidence in the field of child development and sign up to participate in further research. The Living Lab is an international model that exists in over 40 children’s science museums worldwide. The Bloomfield Museum is home to Israel’s first Living Lab - the product of a cooperation between the museum and scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

How do children perceive the world? What influences social behavior? How do children learn language?

These questions and many others are studied by scientists researching children’s development. The same questions are naturally of interest to many parents. As in other fields, scientists researching child development propose hypotheses, ask questions and collect evidence to validate their theories. Children’s behavior is studied using various tasks that ask children to identify patterns, process sounds, cooperate with other children, and more. In addition, researchers compare children at different ages and study the development of complex cognitive abilities from childhood to maturity.

  • Social behavior
  • Learning patterns from the environment
  • Acquiring language
  • Processing sounds and pictures
  • Emotional development
  • Children’s cognition

You and your children are invited to take part in brief, dynamic experiments lasting between 5-10 minutes, during which your children will participate in an activity with one of the researchers.

You will be asked to approve your children's participation and remain near the lab during the activity. All personal details of your children and yourselves will remain completely anonymous, and are for research purposes only. The activity can be stopped at any time.

To contact us and for further details write to us at:

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Date Created: 15/01/15
Date Updated: 15/01/15