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Going Green

Going  Green
Colors, tastes and nature at the Science Museum Jerusalem
Saturday  8.2.2020 &  Monday 10.2.2020

Especially for Tu B'shvat the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem invites children and parents for   'green' and fun celebration

Demonstration in a pita with audience participation. Among other things, we’ll learn how the hole gets in the pita, how to make an electrified cucumber, how to burn a surprising source of energy, and how to make hummus mousse.

Sapling thread – an ecological workshop: how to grow a special sapling using the principles of physics. Free gift!

Flower Available for Transport – children and parents will construct a ‘flower’ and see how the plant defies gravity to transfer water from roots to leaf-tips. The children will take home the flower model (ages 4+).

Aroma – taste and smell – workshop for parents and children. It’s all about herbs! Where do they come from? What’s the connection between smell and taste? And lots more.

Guided tour – for the whole family.  A tour of the exhibition, a taste & smell tour in the greenhouse, net house and herbs garden.

3D Nature Film – Turtle Odyssey
Sea turtles are some of Earth's most ancient and majestic creatures. For over 100 million years, they have traversed the seas, enduring mass extinctions and playing critical roles in maintaining food webs. But now they face a new threat – humans. It's time we learned more about these remarkable reptiles. From the moment her fragile egg cracks below the warm sands of an Australian beach, we join Bunji as she travels through the Great Barrier Reef and thousands of miles into open ocean. After decades, she will migrate with mysterious precision back to the very same beach where she was born and lay the eggs that are the foundation for the next generation. With Bunji as our guide, we will meet an astonishing range of strange and compelling creatures and witness some really wild encounters. All have been filmed in stunning 3D, so you will feel truly immersed amongst massive manta rays, breaching whales, and vibrant clownfish. Sea turtles remind us just how interconnected we all are, and audiences will be moved to cherish these beautiful and vulnerable animals even more.
(Duration: 25mins. Suitable from age 4 and above. Additional payment above age 2Y+ 10 NIS)

Entrance fee
Children under 5 free
Children / adults  NIS 50
Family ticket (parents and children / grandparents and grandchildren)  NIS 180
Discounts: holders of Yerushalmi cards, soldiers, security forces, disabled people, senior citizens, club members

Tu B'shvat celebration:
Saturday  8.2.2020, 10:00 – 16:00 &  Monday 10.2.2020 16:00 – 18:00
Date Created: 31/01/20
Date Updated: 31/01/20