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Engineer project updates

April 2013

The Engineer Program Takes Off!

Building rafts and constructing instruments to measure exhalation volume

In February and March 2013 the first experimental stage of the Engineer Program was implemented in nine European countries including the Netiv Zvulun school in Modi’in. Its aim was to evaluate and improve the teaching units that have been developed for the Program, prior to implementing them in ten schools throughout Israel in the coming school year. At this stage each country is examining two teaching units in two fields of engineering, one developed locally and the other developed in another country.

The Israeli unit, which deals with biomedical engineering, was taught to fifth graders at Netiv Zvulun in Modi’in, while the Greek unit, dealing with marine engineering, was taught to sixth graders. The Israeli challenge required students to help a child suffering from breathing difficulties by planning and building an instrument to measure her maximum exhalation volume. For the Greek challenge students planned and built a raft in order to help two children convey valuable objects from the mainland to an island without getting wet.

The Israeli unit has in recent weeks been adapted into a family workshop at the Museum. This original and unique format enables parents and children to plan and build their own unique models, thus enhancing the parents’ knowledge while encouraging their children’s creativity.

Based on insights gathered from activities and experiments both in the classroom and at the Museum, the unit will be modified and implemented as a wider pilot during the coming school year.

Date Created: 14/04/13
Date Updated: 14/04/13