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About the museum

Making Science for All

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is an informal cultural and educational institution that presents exhibitions consisting of interactive exhibits on subjects of science and technology, and integrates these exhibits into a context through a wide range of educational activities.

The goals of the museum are to increase interest among the general public in science and technology in the world around us, to promote excellency in sciences among youth, and to present science and technology as an integral part of human culture.


Science is a common language that disregards physical borders, cultural and religious differences and enables dialogue among participants with a common interest and diverse backgrounds.

The museum was opened to the public in its present location in the summer of 1992. The creation of the museum is the result of an initiative taken by Professor Peter Hillman, the institution’s founding director.

The establishment of the museum was made possible through close collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Foundation and through a generous donation from the Bloomfield family in Canada.

The museum’s overall plan includes several wings, an Imax Theater and a Science Garden. The Museum’s first two wings were built by the Jerusalem Foundation - 5,000 sqm in area that are primarily used as a series of display halls for the museum’s exhibitions. A section of the first wing has been set-aside for pre-school visitors. Two floors of the Museum’s second wing were opened to the public in the summer of 2001. They add several exhibit workshop areas, an equipped resource center and a state of the art multi-media auditorium that provides a facility for demonstrations, dramas, films and conferences. This wing was built thanks to an additional donation from the Bloomfield family and with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Cellcom Ltd and the Jerusalem Foundation.

Since the opening, the museum has attracted over 4,000,000 visitors from all parts of Israel. A third of these visitors have been students and teachers.

The Bloomfield Science Museum is an independent nonprofit institute, which operates under the joint auspice of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Foundation.

From the Jewish Chronicle:

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