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Spring Games

Date:03/04/2017 - 29/06/2017

Museum Day – Monday 15.5.2017 Entrance Free!
A celebration of colors, scents and senses
Construction and hands-on workshops for the whole family * Unique art exhibit * Museum tours * Klipa Theater dance show * Science demonstration and more
In light of the spring, children and their parents are invited to enjoy a wealth off workshops and tours on the topics of flowers, insects and everything in between at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem.

Museum visitors will be welcomed by an upside-down hanging. tapestry composed of thousands of huge paper blossoms – an artistic exhibit by artist Nurit Greenberg, graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in the name of "Spring Flowers".

Construction workshopsFlower Available for Transport – children and parents will construct a ‘flower’ and see how the plant defies gravity to transfer water from roots to leaf-tips. The children will take home the flower model (ages 4+).

Flight of the Bumblebee: a construction workshop in collaboration with 'Moving Toys Workshop', in which children are invited to build moving models of imaginary insects/birds and try them out on giant flowers. A gift for each participant! (Ages 8+) .
Hothouse tour: “For the Fruit Comes from the Flower” – children and parents learn that plants lack the ability to move themselves. To procreate they require carriers, usually pollinating animals, and more uncommonly, wind and water. Participants will further discover which plants do and which do not require pollination in order to produce flowers or seeds.

Hands-on experience for the whole family: “Look at me!” Flowers as advertisements – children are invited to dress up as various insects, ‘dive’ deep into huge flowers, ‘climb’ petals, ‘collect’ stamens and pass them on…

Fun booth: Relay Race – flower traps and ‘bombs’. Where do flowers have a boat and paddles? What is the flower’s bomb mechanism? Come experience a variety of very different and very surprising pollination methods!
Science demonstration: “Ideas from Nature” – active demonstration arousing curiosity and amusement and answering questions such as: What is the difference between a pine cone and athletic clothing? How do bats help the blind? What is the difference between a porcupine spike to stitch cuts or between frogs and razor blades?
The exhibit will also present technological developments based on observations of the amazing world of living creatures.
International premiere! Hypnotic dance show by prize-winning Klipa Theater – a dance show created exclusively for the Museum’s Spring Games. An artistic integration of the performing arts, dance and design, accompanied by famous musical compositions and striking, original costumes. Four dancers display their virtuoso abilities on roller skates, and perform acrobatics and feats of flexibility and motion in surprising theatrical scenes taken from the world of fauna and flora (the show will be performed several times a day between April 3 – 18).
3-D nature film, Wings of Life by Disney Nature. A colorful celebration that invites spectators to fly along with butterflies, bees, bats and birds, going with them from flower to flower to pollinate stunning flowers growing in different regions and varied conditions all over the world.
Hebrew narration. The movie is shown several times a day during vacations, weekends and special events (additional cost of 10 NIS).
Date Created: 23/03/17
Date Updated: 06/09/17