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The World is in Our Hands…
Multicolored Spring Event at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem

Plastic recycling factory – Plastifactory * Giant works of art made of recycled plastic * Create a colorful purse from plastic bags * Fascinating scientific demonstration and more
To what extent is plastic present in our lives? How long do plastic products last? What can you create from recycled plastic and why should plastic awaken environmental responsibility?
What should be done with plastic? The discovery is worthy of admiration but we should resist the temptation; If the product is to our liking, we should take part in its recycling; We should wake up before we’re addicted or we will find ourselves very afflicted; Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution…
Plastic has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is everywhere and serves us daily, but what do we really know about plastic? Apparently, not much. Plastic is a fascinating material from a scientific and design point of view, generating social and consumer revolutions, with a lifespan that is almost eternal. It is useful and effective yet not always positive. It is very serviceable yet it must raise questions among each and every one of us regarding the accompanying environmental responsibility.
In order to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages inherent in plastic, the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites you, with your entire family, to get to know this incredibly useful material – plastic. To this end the Museum is hosting a spring event and will include construction workshops, a scientific demonstration, an original show, art exhibits, and a new 3D movie.
Event visitors will be welcomed by an artistic rendition of a swarm of 60 jellyfish made of recycled plastic waste, created by the Fugara art collective. 
A unique construction workshop – A Bag’s Tale – where children and their parents create colorful purses from recycled plastic bags in a special process that involves a hot press. The children can take the purse home as a gift.
Special scientific demonstration – Polyplastic – children and their parents investigate the sources of plastic and its production processes, and learn how one material can produce so many different products. They will prepare different types of plastic bags and learn the issues involved in recycling plastic that require us to rethink our consumer habits.
A ‘boutique-y’ recycling plant stationed at the Museum – Plastifactory – will enable visitors to learn to distinguish among the different types of plastic, crush plastic bottles, and create a brand new product.
AfricaGoal exhibition
The exhibition presents some 60 soccer balls made by children in Africa out of local waste for lack of any other material. The exhibition showcases the activities of the AfricaGoal association, which chose the most popular sports in the world – soccer – as a means to generate change. Their aim is to raise awareness of the HIV virus among populations in East and South African countries taking into account the complex reality of these areas. Through the feet and through the heart.
This initiative expresses social responsibility in the fullest sense. The association members also focus on the practical aspect of the game of soccer. During the journey they exchange Western soccer balls for the residents’ soccer balls created from local materials. The local balls are hand-made, mostly by children, from diverse materials found in the area such as string, wool, plastic bags, natural rubber, banana leaves and so on. Each ball is made in a different region using the materials available in that area and different technologies. The balls express the great innovation and creativity of children, who create something from nothing due to their passion to play the beloved game any way they can. It testifies to the strength of the connection between the community and its natural environment and also the change in plastic consumption as expressed in the production of local soccer balls.
Journey into Space – New 3D movie
Next stop – M a r s!
You are invited to strap on your safety belts, make yourself comfortable, and take off on a journey into space…
In the past five decades humanity has broken through the boundaries of the stratosphere (the middle layer in the earth’s atmosphere). We are constantly walking on the moon, living in and studying outer space. In coming decades our insatiable curiosity will lead humanity beyond the earth’s frontiers to discover new planets and worlds. 
A breathtaking and exciting film for the whole family with interior and exterior shots of the voyages of various space vehicles, the space mission to fix the Hubble telescope, and impressive views of earth from space. They are being revealed for the first time through the eyes of two NASA astronauts, Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunan (a young astronaut selected for future missions). The movie presents an overview of humanity’s achievements in space so far, current missions, and future plans. 
Show time: Friday at 12:00, Saturday at 13:00
(For ages 5+, Hebrew dubbing. Movie length: approximately 30 minutes. Movie: 10 NIS from age 2+).
Date Created: 07/04/19
Date Updated: 15/01/20