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Date:31/12/2016 - 09/02/2017

Come and join us for the winter happening - In A Different Light – activities, exhibits, displays and workshops for the whole family. Light, shadow, and fire activities for all ages.

The MakeLight exhibit is an annual theme exhibit featuring the work of MAKERS from all over the country. This year’s exhibit, Light Outside the Box  is a tribute to the Games in Light and Shadow exhibit that the museum has presented in the past four years. It uses fun and games to sheds light on the relationships between the source of light, the body casting a shadow and the area on which the shadow falls. Light Outside the Box exhibit is a celebration of art and creativity and an examination of how far the boundaries of a familiar, everyday phenomenon such as casting a shadow can be pushed.
The contemporary, interactive, humorous works are a unique blend of modern artistry, frequently blurring the lines between art and the principles of science and technology.

Magic Gloves Workshop – discover the magic of photochromic color. These special colors change when exposed to sunlight. Participants in the workshop create their own magic gloves and take them home as a souvenir. 
Light Box Workshop – a surprising and entertaining pyramid of light boxes. Families are invited to design their own creations in the LIGHT BOX workshop, combining creativity, imagination, and the spirit of ecology. The light boxes will be incorporated in a structure built by visitors and displayed every day. Register for the workshop at the Museum Information desk. Limited number of places.
Flashlight Workshop – for parents and children aged 5-10. How do we see in the dark? What other senses do we use when our sight is limited? How do animals adapt to night vision? And lots more.

'On Fire' – this scientific demonstration with audience participation combines fire with chemical compounds. How is colored fire created? We’ll light the ‘burning bush’ and learn how magicians burn paper that vanishes in a flash, how to light fireworks in water, how to spin fireworks with the help of a drill to create a stunning cascade of sparks, how to light a fiery musical hanukkiah, and for a grand finale we’ll make a real, giant fire tornado!

Guided tours of the Games in Light and Shadow exhibit – visit the home of Professor Archibald Shadow. He is a scholar, a dreamer, and a shadow collector. In the rooms of his house, designed in the style of the 1930s, you’ll discover surprising, exotic and poetic shadows and silhouettes. You too can be a scientist and researcher (daily guided tour in English at 13:30).
The Sevivon table interactive exhibit – at the entrance to the Museum you will find a table of light sevivonim. Spin them to create fantastic optical illusions… 

LITTLE GIANTS – a fascinating 3D nature movie with Hebrew soundtrack. Produced by the BBC.
The movie follows two small creatures who are challenged by forces greater than themselves. The little squirrel lives in the ancient forests of South America. In order to survive the winter he must gather a hoard of acorns and protect them from others who are plotting to steal them… The tiny desert mouse lives in the Sonoran Desert in America’s Badlands. Braver than his three brothers, he ventures into the Wild West, with no idea of the dangers that await him. (NIS10 additional fee)

Date Created: 04/12/16
Date Updated: 06/09/17