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3D Nature Film: Conquest of the Skies

The ability to fly is one of the greatest wonders in the natural world. Millions of creatures soar above our heads today, using a fabulous variety of techniques to defy gravity and master their aerial environment. But how did animals make the incredible transition from land to air? 
Conquest of the Skies uses the very latest science and stunning special effects to uncover the 300-million-year story of flight - the evolution of flight among animals - and it’s not simply about birds. Using advanced 3D filming technology we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures, from the fastest predatory falcons to the most acrobatic of insects, night flyers like owls and bats, and the soaring and gliding specialists capable of traveling huge distances. You are invited to enter the truly amazing world of these remarkable animal aviators, and leave the theater both stunned by the spectacle and thrilled by the story of how animals rose up and conquered the skies Hebrew narration. (NIS 10 per ticket, above the age of 2 years old). 
The 3D movie is being screened only during weekends, holidays, school vacations and special events( 20 mins).
Show time: Saturday at 13:00


Date Created: 31/12/17
Date Updated: 06/12/18