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Mirror Image – Mirrors and Reflections

Flat mirrors, multiplying mirrors, reversing mirrors, and distorting mirrors. What turns an object into a mirror? 
Guided tours, fun, scientific demonstrations, mirror activity area, amusing clown show, construction workshop, and a 3D movie

20.3- 6.4.19
The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is pleased to welcome visitors to a special event. Enter a huge kaleidoscope made of mirrors – how many times is your image reflected in the different corners of the room? Gaze at your reflection in the egotistic mirror and wonder – where are the people standing beside you? ‘Get lost’ in the mirror maze… surprising reflections for the whole family.

In the Mirror Surprise activity area you can enjoy distorting mirrors; convex, concave, and cylindrical mirrors; tour mirror exhibits throughout the Museum, and learn – What turns an object into a mirror? Why do mirrors have a left-right reversal as opposed to an up-down reversal?

Build a Multiplying Mirror – lay objects at its center and understand what causes a different number of reflections each time you ‘open and close’ it. Build, experiment with scientific principles, and take home a souvenir.
Science Magic – a fascinating interactive science demonstration in which visitors take an active part. Come learn the science behind famous magic tricks such as water disappearing from a glass, a pitcher with a never-ending supply of water, fabric that never gets wet, and more.
Is That Like Me? – A special clown show in which everything is in costume: the balloons, the audience, and the clown of course!
Poor Shmulik the Clown – his costume doesn’t fit him properly and his mirror is also acting very strangely today… What happens when he tries to discover what went wrong with his reflection? An amusing show with mirrors, costumes, balloons, and … the audience! For the whole family (25 minutes, ages 2 and up. 
Tuesday 26.3 17:00
Saturday 30.3 12:30, 13:30, 14:30
Friday 5.4 11:00, 12:00
Saturday 6.4 12:30, 13:30, 14:30

3D movie: Journey to Space – for the past five decades humans have broken through the barrier of the stratosphere (the middle layer in Earth’s atmosphere). They have walked on the moon, and they constantly live in and study outer space. In coming decades our insatiable curiosity will take humanity beyond Earth’s limits to discover new planets and worlds. You are invited to strap on your safety belts, make yourself comfortable, and take off on a journey into space. Next stop – Mars!
A breathtaking and exciting movie for the entire family with internal and external shots of various space trips and vehicles such as the mission to fix the Hubble telescope, and impressive views of Earth from space that are being shown for the first time. The movie depicts the view point of two NASA astronauts – Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunon (a young astronaut selected for future space missions). The movie offers a perspective on the human space conquering achievement, and describes current missions and future plans (ages 5 and up, Hebrew dubbing. Movie length: some 30 minutes. 10 NIS admission from age 2). Show time: Friday at 12:00, Saturday at 13:00
Date Created: 25/02/19
Date Updated: 15/01/20