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MAKE Month at the Museum!

Dates: 2-30.6.2017

Building workshop –

Kashkushim -
Fun with Straws– Making structures with ordinary drinking straws, using a special press to squeeze the plastic into shape. Let your imagination take flight as you create exciting 3D models to take home as a souvenir.

Experimental workshop –

Machine Dance –
create motorized and funny drawing machines out of household utensils. (For ages 7 and up).
Experimental area - Under Construction! – construction sites where you can build giant buildings and experiment with materials such as magnets, sticks, sponges, flexible thin wooden sticks, rubber bands, and giant colored blocks.
Something’s Doing Something – pyrotechnics and technological tomfoolery in an interactive display, with visitorsw participation. This display draws its inspiration from the ‘cause and effect’ machines dreamed up by Rube Goldberg. Since then, countless versions of his enchanting and wonderful machine have been created, a machine whose only purpose is a glorious celebration of eye-catching, colorful technology that captures our hearts. Visitors, both children and adults, are invited to imagine, design, and create their own ‘family machine,’ using bouncy balls, revolving motors, flying ribbons, bottles, wooden boards, and many more materials. The family machines will be included in one large, entertaining exhibit that will be activated several times a day (this activity will take place on Saturdays only).
Scientific demonstration
Building On You  – We’ll play equilibrium games to learn about the stability of our bodies and of the structures we’re building, and we’ll find out why buildings (and people) don’t fall down. We’ll learn which elements generate strength and how they hold up our bodies. We’ll discover lots of fun structures whose stability and strength will amaze us. We’ll also build wheelbarrows, bridges, and picnic tables, based on the principle of how our body works!
3D nature film 
Wings of Life: A celebration of color invites the viewer to take wing with butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and bats. Fly from flower to flower and help pollinate the amazing flowers that bloom in different parts of the world. See the wonders of nature. Filmed using high-speed and micro cinematography. Produced by Disney Nature Studios. (NIS 10 entrance fee) 
Date Created: 04/06/17
Date Updated: 06/09/17