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La La LED Celebration of light

21.12.2017 – 21.3.2018
Construction workshop – building illuminated insects | Fire Salad – scientific demonstration | Lighting a musical fire flute and more

The event and the content development is part of a yearly program in partnership and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development.
Children of all ages and their parents are invited to the Bloomfield Science Museum to enjoy a unique experience of darkness and light, with special activities and events for the entire family:
Tour of the Museum exhibits
What do plants do at night? A tour of the Fields of Tomorrow exhibition focusing on the topic of light. Why do plants need light? What happens to plants when there isn’t enough light? Through the tour you will come to understand the importance of sunlight for plants’ existence and its significance for growth and cultivation.
Construction workshops, scientific demonstration and hands-on workshop:
Cool insects, bees, and more – construction workshops
Cool Insects – which are the useful insects so essential to agriculture, especially as natural pollinators and disinfestors? Children are invited to design and build insects with integrated LED lights and create models of insects that react to electrical transmissions. A gift for each participant! (The workshop is for ages 6 and up). 
Wings of Light – bees’ vision lies in the ultra-violet spectrum, and many flowers dependent on insects for pollination deck themselves in ultra-violet colors to attract bees to the flower stamens. The children will build a model bee and use its wings to discover new colors of light. A gift for each participant! (The workshop is for ages 4 and up). 
Light Signs – children and parents are invited to design, create, cut with a laser, and create circles of LED light to create special, illuminated light signs (a guided workshop will take place once a day, parental participation and guidance required for children up to age 10. Additional 20 NIS fee). By prior coordination and registration only. 
Tuesday 4 pm, Saturday 12 pm.

On Fire – scientific demonstration with visitor participation
How is a Fire Salad made? How are Dragon Flames created? How do magicians burn paper that disappears in the blink of an eye? Lighting underwater firecrackers; dancing, musical fire flute; and to top it off we will make a real and huge tornado of fire!
Hands-On Workshop
Everyone is a small light – you are invited to turn on your small light and contribute to creating a collaborative exhibit which is constantly being added to and illuminated by visitors. A huge wall painting lit by thousands of colorful, twinkling LED lights.
3D nature film: Conquest of the Skies
The ability to fly is one of the greatest wonders in the natural world. Millions of creatures soar above our heads today, using a fabulous variety of techniques to defy gravity and master their aerial environment. But how did animals make the incredible transition from land to air? 
Conquest of the Skies uses the very latest science and stunning special effects to uncover the 300-million-year story of flight—and it’s not simply about birds. Using advanced 3D filming technology we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures, from the fastest predatory falcons to the most acrobatic of insects, night flyers like owls and bats, and the soaring and gliding specialists capable of traveling huge distances. You are invited to enter the truly amazing world of these remarkable animal aviators, and leave the theater both stunned by the spectacle and thrilled by the story of how animals rose up and conquered the skies Hebrew narration. (NIS 10 per ticket, above the age of 2 years old). 
The 3D movie is being screened only during weekends, holidays, school vacations and special events( 22 mins).
Date Created: 27/11/17
Date Updated: 03/04/18