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Turning & Lightening

Special Hanukah activity for the whole family , supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology.
Monday, 3.12.2018, 14:00 – 18:00.  Free entrance!
During Hanukah, on Monday  3.12.18, the Science Museum in Jerusalem, with the support from the Ministry of Science & Technology is inviting  parents and children for a special LIGHT happening.
Lots of activities, construction and experimental workshops, funny Hanukah show by Dr. Molecule, guided tours and the last chance to visit the international exhibition from Paris 'On the Edge' dealing with taking risks.
On Fire – scientific demonstration
How is a Fire Salad made? How are Dragon Flames created? How do magicians burn paper that disappears in the blink of an eye? Lighting underwater firecrackers; dancing, musical Chanukiya flames; and to top it off we will make a real and huge tornado of fire!
Turn Around – construction workshop in the spirit of MAKE movement
A construction workshop in which you can build a unique spinner whose center is comprised of a ball-bearing, which you can take home as a souvenir! In the workshop you can select one of three models, use the tools and learn various laws of physics and engineering. Stands will be set up in the workshop area in which you are invited to continue studying the spinner you built – measuring the speed of its spin, listening to the rate at which it turns and watching it blink under a stroboscope.
Flashlight Workshop
for parents and children aged 5-10. How do we see in the dark? What other senses do we use when our sight is limited? How do animals adapt to night vision? And lots more.
A Tour for ‘Brave’ Families 
You are invited to take a fascinating journey to discover the chances and risks throughout the exhibition.  Discover what is preferable – taking it safe – or taking a gamble?  And how it feels to walk on the edge?  You can examine just how much you trust yourself and how much you trust others.  In this activity, you will learn how to reduce risks using special protective equipment.  Do you dare to join?
“Wearing Light” – build and experiment workshop
Young people (12 and above) are invited to participate in a unique workshop where they can plan, design, make and learn about the creation of electrical circuits, LED lamps, and design a practical, wearable accessory. During the workshop, the participant will attempt to build, experiment and improve with the aim of encouraging dialogue and creativity as every piece of work is individual and the design personal. Participants will take their results home.
The workshop will operate continuously throughout the event’s opening hours.
“Drawing Machines” – Experimental Cumulative Workshop
Visitors to the workshop are invited to construct moving machines from light, everyday objects, which they connect to vibrating motors and colors. Each machine is an original creation that draws the path of its movement.  Through their experience, participants learn about the physics of movement.
What do plants do at night?
A meeting with a researcher from the field of agronomy and biology on the importance of light as a source of life. The meeting will take place at the “Fields of Tomorrow” exhibition based on the subject of light. Why do plants need light? What happens to plants when there isn’t enough light? During the tour, the visitors will recognize the importance of sunlight to the existence of plants and its significance to plant growth and the mechanisms developed by plants.
“Dr. Molecular” – light, fire and pillars of smoke
A show of miracles and experiments in honor of Hanukah.  Dr. Molecular, the  “Confused Scientist”, meets up with scientists from the distant past. In cooperation with the audience, he performs many experiments relating to Hanukah. A truly thrilling experience for all the family with huge spinning tops, the miracle of the jar of oil, the Maccabees bravery potion, colored fire and many more surprises!
The show was awarded first prize for children’s science shows in Europe.
Date Created: 19/11/18
Date Updated: 15/01/20