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Fascinating Birthday Experience

Selection of guided activity from a wide range of topics, for children aged 5 – 11
Construction workshop – each child receives a gift 
A guided ‘tasting’ tour of Museum exhibitions
For dessert – a ceremony, cake and refreshments (provided by the parents)
Additional surprises:
Free shirt and 1-year subscription for the birthday star*
Decorated room
Custom invitations
Discount for Museum members
Activity duration – some two hours
Please note:
Payment are based on the chosen activities and program, for participants aged 3 – 99
Discount for Museum members (family-membership holders or families with at least two subscriptions purchased at the Museum box office, does not include a 1-year subscription for the birthday child)
Minimum payment – for 20 participants
Price per participant – 45 NIS
Four attendants join for free (age 14 and up)
Saturdays involve an additional cost of 200 NIS
Activities take place Mondays through Thursdays, between the hours of 4:30 – 6:30 pm
- Activities must be coordinated at least two weeks in advance
- Group activities are for no more than 30 participants
- Larger groups require prior coordination and have an additional cost
For details and reservations please contact the coordinators: 
Phone 02-6548888, email: 
Birthday topics:
Birthday – Science in a Cake (ages 4 – 6)
You can’t have a party without a cake!
What makes a cake rise? How can you tell if an egg is hardboiled or raw (without breaking it)? How can you separate flour and sugar that were accidentally mixed together?
New! An especially fun birthday at the Museum – decorated room, tour of the Museum, and surprising experiments with regular kitchen ingredients. The children will make a special, tasty ice-cream cake together.
Next time a participant makes a cake at home with Mom or Dad, they’ll be able to teach them some tricks!
Balloons – ages 5 and 6
Experience and discover new things to do with balloons. How can you drive a stake through a balloon? How can you stand a balloon on its head? How can you get one balloon inside another? What new and surprising ways are there to blow up balloons? And more… 
Build a balloon man! A balloon man that always falls on his feet.
Illumination games – ages 6 - 8
The workshop takes place in the Flashlight in the Dark exhibition. The children are guided through the exhibits and the birthday child receives light-related birthday wishes. For instance: glowing stars are placed on the child after they were illuminated in the phosphorescent wall exhibit.
Participants construct special glasses that separate the white light around us into all the colors of the rainbow.
Magic – ages 6 – 8
The science behind magic – scientific methods used by magicians and scientific phenomena that look like magic. For instance: how does purple grape juice transform into green apple juice or pink raspberry juice? How can you sit on a chair made of nails? And, how can we blow up a balloon that has no opening?
Participants construct a magic piggy bank – watch as the money you place in it disappears! 
Sparks and Lightning (electrifying party!) – ages 7 – 11
The children will take an active part in a demonstration with the Van de Graaff generator – a device that generates static electricity. They will make hair stand on end, turn on flashlights without connecting them to a power supply (battery or outlet), create lightning, and more. The children will construct a special doll whose arms and legs can be moved by rubbing a balloon on them (which creates static electricity). The children will also tour the electricity exhibition.
Science and Magic – ages 9 – 11
The science behind magic – scientific methods that magicians use and scientific phenomena that look like magic. For instance: the children will practice tying impossible knots (it looks like the child is using handcuffs that cannot be unlocked), they will see how a balloon can be broken, and will try their hand at mind reading.
They will also construct a climbing marble.
Date Created: 24/02/19
Date Updated: 24/02/19