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Water covers 80% of the earth's surface, constitutes 70% of our bodies, and makes up 95% of every watermelon. It is the source and foundation for sustaining life and controlling climate on this planet. Throughout history, and to this very day, it has been a crucial means of transporting heavy cargo; and for thousands of years it was the primary energy resource for the operation of machines.

Water, the Liquid of Life, never ceases to serve us--in the biological systems within our bodies, in the food we eat, and in the technology that surrounds us.

But what are the characteristics of this liquid, or of any liquid? How is it pumped out and lifted up? How is it transported from place to place? How are force and pressure transmitted through it? And how can we make use of the energy it contains?

How are boats raised and lowered from one water level to another, and how can we determine the amount of water flowing through a pipe? In which direction will water spray from an adjustable nozzle? And how does water make a lawn sprinkler spin around?



The water pools and apparatus they contain will help you answer some of those questions and make a few discoveries about scientific and technological developments in water use--with many of those developments occurring right here in this country. Israel is a world leader in devising technology to "produce," convey, and treat water--from desalinization plants and cloud-seeding airplanes, to resource-saving adjustment, control, and irrigation systems. Hundreds of companies are engaged in some aspect of water, and water is a major subject studied at universities and research institutes. These days, none of us can ignore its importance.

All the exhibits have lables in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Most of the museum guides can explain in English.

The exhibition was developed with the support and cooperation of Mekorot, the Israel National Water Company.

Assistance was provided by Arad Technologies, A.R.I., BERMAD, Amiad, and Israel NEWTech (a national program of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor).

Curator: Dr. Amir Ben-Shalom; Designer: Eyel Fogel; Graphic Designer: Vadik Bakman

Production and Construction: The workshop staff of the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, headed by Uri Sinai

Date Created: 26/07/09
Date Updated: 23/04/17