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International Workshop

An international workshop was convened in Jerusalem with the aim of examining an initial proposal formulated by the team during 2009 and determining further plans for development.

The workshop's objectives were:

  • To discuss the goals of the exhibition and determine the scope of the exhibition in terms of target audience, space, etc.
  • To discuss the exhibits to be presented, with regard to content and visitor experience.
  • To determine the nature and extent of collaboration between the institutions and to prepare a plan of action.

The workshop was held October 20-22, 2009, at Jerusalem at the Bloomfield Science Museum and at NITE.

Participants included:

  • Members of the work team
  • Members of the project's steering committee
  • Colleagues from the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia
  • Colleagues from the ETS (Educational Testing Services)
  • Representatives from the NAGB USA (National Assessment Governing Board)
  • The National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education (RAMA)
  • The Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR)
  • Other specialists in the field

Click here for the Workshop Summary.

Pictures From the International Workshop

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