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Science is the story

Everyone likes reading children's books. Kids like the stories inside, the illustrations that accompany them, and the fun of sitting down to read with mom and dad. Adults like the stories (let's admit it), the illustrations, the fun of sitting down to read with their kids, and the memory of enjoying those same magical moments with their own parents.

At the Science Museum, we chose to go beyond the stories themselves and the pleasure of reading them. We were interested in something else as well—some basic questions about science and technology that we encounter in every corner of our lives - even in our favorite children's books.

"A frog calls out, "Ribbit, ribbit" and jumps in the pool.
And Pluto stands there and feels like a fool.
Two eyes are staring at him from inside the water
- the eyes of a dog. "What's down there?" he wonders
(Leah Goldberg, Where is Pluto?)

Sounds that animals produce and the reflection of a dog in the water - there's a lot of science hiding there in that excerpt from the book about Pluto's poolside adventures at Kibbutz Megiddo.

To celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary, we decided to pay tribute to the country's children's books - old and new - and feature them in a special exhibition. "Science is the story" brings together best-loved children's literature published in Israel (and pre-State Israel) over the past 80 years and simple principles of science and technology.

The exhibition interweaves texts and illustrations with interactive science displays that relate to the stories and their main characters. The link between the displays and the familiar stories creates a sense of identification and confidence that is ideal for learning.

The books on display are grouped by their date of publication - with a selection of three or four per decade. This small but representative sample shows the dramatic changes in the aesthetics, language, illustrations, and social messages of children's books over the years.

We chose the books with an eye toward the quality of their stories, illustrations, and printing. We were overwhelmed with possibilities, and the selection process was not easy. For this exhibition, we were looking for books that gave us an opportunity to expand on some aspect of science that would interest children—books from which we could create interactive displays that help children understand scientific and technological principles.

"Science is THE Story" is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that evokes pleasant memories of the outstanding children's literature published in Israel over the decades. It also shows us that science is everywhere - even in stories.


  • Curator: Dea Brokman
  • Exhibit Development: Dr. Amir Ben-Shalom
  • Consultant, Illustrated Children's Literature: Dr. Thor Gonen
  • Pedagogical Guidance: Diana Pinus
  • Exhibition Design: Eyal Fogel and Liroa Tal Fogel
  • Graphic Design: Vadik Bakman
  • Management and Production: Ori Sinai
  • Construction and Production: The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem


Date Created: 14/07/08
Date Updated: 03/02/14