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Monster In Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s street statues come to life in a fascinating summer performance produced by the Bloomfield Science Museum. With the help of his imagination the hero animates dozens of well-known Jerusalem statues, including Niki de Saint Phalle’s  Golem (the ‘Monster’ of Kiryat Yovel), Avraham and Hannah Yachin’s Giraffe, Yuval Rimon’s lambs, Ulrich Plesner’s dragon, and many more. The statues talk, sing and eat in the shade of trees inspired by Kadishman . They all come to life in an enchanted tale of will power, imagination, friendship, curiosity, and resourcefulness.

This unique Shadow Theater performance will be shown exclusively at the Bloomfield Science Museum in  collaboration with the Kumkum Theatre and  Dr. Patricia O’Donovan, who wrote, designed, directed and built the puppets, alongside the Light and Shadow summer activities for children and families.  

Idea,  Text, Direction, Design of stage and screens   : Dr. Patricia O'Donovan

Shadow Puppets: Dr. Patricia O'Donovan

Actors: Katia and Andrei Urbakh( Koom-Koom Theater), Nir Landa and Gadi Weissbart

Light design: Uri Rubinstein

Music : Itai Binun

Costume design and building of screens: Rita London

Screen and puppet rods metalwork: Mario Keizman

Light and sound technician: Rubi Rubinstein

Production: The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem team
Date Created: 28/08/13
Date Updated: 28/08/13