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Artists and Curators

Shadows and Light was designed by La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, a Universcience site and Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Local curator: Dea Brokman

Living Room

Hanna Ben- Haim Yulzari
Hagar is Sleeping 2006
Video art
Videography- Hanna Ben- Haim Yulzari
Editing and sound: Yoav Raban

Leora Laor
The Black Marble Series 1981-1982

Tamar Harpaz
American Night 2010
Courtesy of Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery

Borris Oicherman
Shadow Feedback. Version 5 2013

Uri Sinai
Drawings. Charcoal on paper. 2009-2010


Masha Baron
Acrobats of Light 2010

Room of Wonders (Cabinet de curiosités)

Jan Tichy
Dry series 2002-2008
Untitled. Certificates of Authenticity Series 2002

Uriel Miron
Ouroboros 2010

Maya Attoun
Cartridge, linoleum' 2005
Courtesy of the artist and Artist Pension Trust Dubai

Koby Sibony
Taxidermy Series , Polygon Deer Head 2013

Yuval Dax
The Feather collection 2013

Itamar Mendes Flohr
machine no.2 2013

Talia Tokatly
Findings 2013

Ami Drach and Dov Ganshrow
Parkenlict mask , 2008
Materials: car headlight reflectors

Eyal Vogel
Peacock 2009

Tamar Meshulam
Ron 2009
Avram 1992
Gad 1990

Uri Sinai
Skier 1985

Ronen Ben Ze'ev
Don Quixote 2001
Skydiving 2011
Tricycle  2009
Strider 2009


Koby Sibony
In His Shadow 2013

Borris Oicherman
Between the Cloud and the Clock No. 5 . 2013


Lookup Project
Daniella Arnowitz - Interactive Design
Yaara Ashkenazi - Interactive Design
Dr Rami Hagege - Computer Vision
Alon Friedrich Sagi - Architecture
Eran Weissenstern - Computer Engineering

Michelle Augustin
Shadow Laundry 2005

Date Created: 27/06/13
Date Updated: 27/06/13