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* For the first time in Israel * An international exhibition straight from Paris

On the Edge
Get ready to take the risk…

*Adventure area for children * Interactive building workshops for children *Funny science demonstration * The ‘Nerd’ & Baskula Shows * Dozens of interactive exhibits * Design and photography displays * Guided tours * 3D Movie

 Opens – 22.6.2018 – Closes – 10.12.2018

The Bloomfield Science Museum  is delighted to take part in the Israel – France Season of 2018, featuring an exchange of exhibitions between Jerusalem’s science museum and its colleague in Paris.   For a limited time, the Bloomfield Science Museum will host the international exhibition – On the Edge – that was recently displayed at the Universcience Museum in Paris and deals with taking risks.

We all know the saying – “If you don’t try, you won’t succeed” – if we don’t take risks, we will never attain achievements or really reach our potential.  How can modern life advance without taking risks?  How can we bridge the gap between the need for self-realization and making dreams come true, while still protecting ourselves?  The ‘bottom line’ is that it is impossible to live life without taking risks.
For the first time in Israel, this new exhibition for the entire family deals with the subject of risk and/or chance and is part of the Israel – France Season 2018, featuring cultural exchanges between institutions, artists and various cultural organizations. 
During the exhibition, people, young and old, can enjoy dozens of interactive exhibits, ‘test yourself’ stations, videos that will examine whether you are risk taker and give you an assessment.  These exhibits include:  electric group roulette, funny glasses, walking on a tight rope, etc.

In addition to this exhibition, there are three more.  Two of these exhibitions are the result of collaboration with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design: 
Helmet Head:  An exhibition of helmets designed by students of industrial design.
The helmets were designed during a course in their 2nd year of studies, when they were asked to design useful products.  The students were asked to design a product to protect the head against impact (Professional guidance:  Eran Lederman, Dov Ganchrow and Haim Parnas).

Protective Gear: modeling exercise – One of the accepted ways of managing risks is to use safety measures – products that protect us from injury in a variety of fields, such as sports, work, medicine, etc.  In the exhibition, there is a display of risk reducing articles that are enlarged to giant proportions!  These enlarged product models were created as part of the training of 1st year industrial design students at Bezalel, in the Tool Box course.  This basic course deals with the relationship between providing a shape for technology and between planning and production. (Professional guidance:  Haim Parnas and Dov Ganchrow – Exhibition opens on 7.8.18).
“Not Easy Prey”– How do animals deal with their predators?  This is an exhibition of fascinating nature photographs that investigate a variety of mechanism and responses that enable animals to cope with the danger of being preyed upon by reducing the danger of them being discovered, attacked and caught by their predators (Curator:  Damon Shusterman.  Scientific Consultant:  Dr. Dror Hawlena, the Hebrew University).
Additional activities in the exhibition:
An amusing scientific demonstration called Hair Raising:  This funny activity focuses on the Van der Graff electrostatic generator that makes your hair stand out and moves objects in the air using static electricity (for the entire family).
Ouch! Building Workshop:  Every visitor can use his finger to ‘hammer in’ a nail, without a drop of blood… build something you can take home as a souvenir (ages 4 and up).
In a new and unique surrounding at the science museum - Courage on a Tree – children are invited to reach new heights.  In the museum’s courtyard, three tall structures will be installed that will enable the children to see into the distance, check out the height, walk on a suspended bridge, become frightened and . then overcome their fear, climb, touch, dare and be careful (for ages 5 and up
 the activity will start on 3/8/2018)
Challenge and Risk- children's books activity
Many children’s stories feature obvious or subliminal values and one of the main values in these books relates to the subject of risk:  “Must we take risks in order to develop independence?  What  happens when we step out of the boundaries that surround us, either physical (“Elephants Don’t Ballet Dance”) or social (“Bentzie the Elephant”)?  How do we cope with the tension between ‘being who I am’ and the desire to dare, innovate and change?
As part of this activity, a reading area will be opened at the museum with many children’s books that deal directly or indirectly with the subject of risk.  For each book, background will be given as to its position regarding the subject of risk (caution, challenge or calculated risk) and ideas are offered to the parent as to how to read a book together with the child.
If you wish to download and print the bookmarks at home, please click HERE
*The activity will be run in cooperation with the Laboratory for Social Development at the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, directed by Prof. Ariel Knafo-Noam.
A Story Tour – In addition to the reading area for children and parents, the children can ‘tour’ a room inspired by the classic – “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” – a book by Dr. Seuss that presents the positive and negative aspects of taking a risk and daring.  “And then things start to happen don’t worry.  Don’t stew. Just go right along.  You’ll start happening too.”  The book encourages readers to also think of the dangers along the way and to be aware of them.  Dr. Seuss summarizes the complexity of taking risks in the following words:  “So be sure when you step.  Step with care and great tact and remember that life’s a great balancing act.” (Building, design concept and creating the story tour:  Yasmin Steinmetz, Ofri Elisha and Dotan Shemer. The design of the installation was inspired by: "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. Publisher: Keter Books. Translated into Hebrew by Lea Naor).
A Tour for ‘Brave’ Families– You are invited to take a fascinating journey to discover the chances and risks throughout the exhibition.  Discover what is preferable – taking it safe – or taking a gamble?  And how it feels to walk on the edge?  You can examine just how much you trust yourself and how much you trust others.  In this activity, you will learn how to reduce risks using special protective equipment. Do you dare to join?
The 'Nerds'– A comic and exciting circus show for the entire family, without words and with audience participation.  The pair of nerds, the odd couple, will win the hearts of the audience in an acrobatic and clown show.  Get carried away by moments of love and crisis, laugh together with them and especially at them.  Be awe struck by the impressive acrobatics and you may even be picked to fly with them on stage

The Baskula– a new acrobatic show, the likes of which have never been seen in Israel. Music, energy, fun and a big WOW!
*Performances of Nerds and Baskula will alternate during July on Tuesdays and Saturdays. During August performances will take place daily

"Air Time" – A sensational aerial acrobatic show on a vertical rope. The show incorporates original acrobatic segments with stories from the circus world.  The show takes place under an 8 meter high pyramid-shaped installation from which a long white rope is hung.  This spectacular show for the entire family combines breathtaking aerial acrobatics with simple moments that touch the soul (Performances will take place several times a day. Performances dates 8-16.8.18 except 11.8.18). 

"On the Edge" – Circus artist - Bernard Hazan in a spectacular circus show for the entire family.  Bernard performed in large scale productions around the world including:  Cirque De Soliel's - La Nuba show (Performances will take place several times a day. performance dates 17-22/8/18 ). 

Conquest of the Skies
– 3D Movie
The ability to fly is one of the greatest wonders of nature. Millions of creatures soar above our heads, using an amazing variety of techniques to overcome gravity and rule their aerial environment. Yet how did animals make the extraordinary transition from land to air?
The movie Birds of the Sky uses up-to-date scientific knowledge and technological effects to discover and present the story of the evolution of flight among animals (Hebrew narration. Twenty minutes, at an additional cost of 10 NIS from age 2 and up).

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Date Created: 06/06/18
Date Updated: 11/08/18