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Innovations, Inc.

An Exhibition of Israel's Greatest Inventions

Through the summer at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

One of Israel's sources of pride in the 63 years of its existence as a state is the enormous number of inventions and innovations that germinated in the minds of its citizens and later took root. The ever-churning Israeli mind brought us BabySense (an indispensable tool for nearly all parents), the cherry tomato (without which no gourmet salad is complete), the Better Place electric car (which is making in-roads around the globe), the Disk on Key (relied on by home and office computer users), and much more.

In a new exhibition, "Inventions, Inc.," the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem is spotlighting the most important inventions in Israel's history. The exhibition explores the sources of Israeli technological innovation, displays and demonstrates an array of the country's most successful inventions, and attempts to identify the social and cultural processes that generate innovation and creativity. What unique aspects of Israeli society and culture encourage innovation? Is it a tendency to think outside the box? To question what exists? To defy authority?

The exhibition features innovations in the fields of alternative energy and energy savings (such as a solar power station, LED bulb, and wind turbine), agriculture and food (drip irrigation and a variety of interesting fruit- and vegetable-growing techniques), medicine (robotic surgery and diagnostic tools for home use), and many other areas, including communication, security, and games.

The museum designed the exhibition for children and adults, and it encourages both to engage in some creative thinking of their own. The Innovation Library contains dozens of Israeli product displays and interactive exhibits that give visitors a real sense of the planning that went into their development.

The heart of Innovations, Inc. is the Invention Workshop, where visitors get a chance to develop their very own new product. Equipped with a pair of white latex gloves and some sensors, magnets, electrical wire, and other tools, visitors are invited to be Inventor for a Day.

Another feature of the exhibition is the Transparent Studio in which graduates of the Bezalel Academy conduct a course on innovation. Visitors get an opportunity to observe their work-in-progress in the area of light and lighting design, and they can also take part in the creative process by sharing their ideas and suggestions with the studio designers.

Alongside these exhibits and activities, the museum auditorium is featuring "Imagination Island," a lighthearted performance produced by the Incubator Theater. (Hebrew - NIS 20 additional charge)

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Date Created: 19/07/11
Date Updated: 02/09/13