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IT History Society Blog - A Wonderful Adventure in Exhibition Space
by Nathan Zeldes

Somehow my career has repeatedly led me into doing unexpected and wonderful things.

One such piece of serendipity has been the role I landed at the Jerusalem Science Museum as the curator of an exhibition in honor of Alan Turing. This project took a year and half, and gave me the occasion to work with some amazing people at the museum, interact with many more from around the world, and learn so much about that tragic genius, Alan Turing, of which I wrote here before.

The Curator’s Take on the Wonderful CAPTCHA Exhibition (PDF)
by Nathan Zeldes

On Feb. 25, 2013, the CAPTCHA exhibition opened at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. Everyone was delighted: the dignitaries invited to the opening, the children who wasted no time to start exploring the exhibits, the adults who did the same at a more staid pace, the press, and of course the museum folks who had put in a huge effort to make it all a reality.

We’ve pulled it off!

Which was far from trivial. When I accepted the role of curator for this exhibition over a year earlier I had no idea how challenging the task would be; nor did the museum. I’d built a number of exhibitions about the history of technology before, but none involved such deep conceptual difficulties, and none were so intellectually rewarding and edifying.

In this article I share the process we went through as we cracked the problems to come up with our exhibition, and I describe many of the exhibits we made, for the benefit of science educators.
Date Created: 21/04/13
Date Updated: 21/04/13