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The nature of structures
An exhibition of natural structures and the architecture they have inspired. In nature, structures and shapes are randomly formed as the result of chemical and physical activity. Some of them are preserved for a long time, while others are destroyed and vanish through a process of natural selection. The strength of durable forms stems from the arrangement of their components.

Some structures and patterns are identically or similarly repeated in nature, in different places, in different systems, or on a different scale. They are efficient solutions for their natural purpose and inspire planners and designers. The imitation of natural structures and their application is known as biomimetics (bio=life, mimicry=imitation).
This exhibition is based on the doctoral work of Dr. Yael Helfman Cohen, founder and director of the Israel Biomimicry Association. She develops biomimetic design methods based on nature’s structural patterns.
For more on the exhibition, click on here
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Date Created: 29/07/18
Date Updated: 29/07/18