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MakeLight – pop-up exhibition in the MAKE spirit

14.12.17 – 23.12.17 

La La LED event at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem >> 

When Light Comes to Life – homage to the Museum’s Fields of Tomorrow exhibition highlighting selected works relating to darkness, life and light. These works combine contemporary art, science, and technology and were created by Israeli MAKERs, artists, designers, scientists, programmers, and technologists. 
The Shadow Aspect – Ira Resnick and Talia Yanover
A colorful and interactive work of light-and-shadow installation art composed of a grid of white paper blocks lit on one side by three beams of light in primary colors: red, blue and green (RGB). On the other side, the shadow cast when a person walks past changes the color of the light reflected in the structure.
This installation art is part of a study to discover how we can change, translate or distort a person’s physical presence in space. 


The Illuminated Tree – the URB Group
A huge illuminated piece of installation art built by the URB Group for the Midburn Festival - a 4 meter high tree, 10 meters in diameter, with dozens of ‘illuminated flowers’ hanging from it.
The tree serves as a microcosm in which the flowers live. Each new color indicates the creation of a new flower from an existing one, symbolizing the renewal that stems from the past. The number of flowers remains constant, so a new flower cannot appear without an old flower being extinguished. However, each new flower is a color variation of the old one, representing the continuity between past and present.


A paper exhibit produced in collaboration with Highcon Systems Ltd., Israeli inventor of digital cutting & creasing solutions for the packaging industry.
Project  created by  Matthew Shlian, American Origami Artist and produced by Highcon and Studio EYE&OH
(Inbal Yannai, Jon Mctaggart , Nir Amir)

Twenty Pigeons – Alon Birger
Pigeons are an age-old symbol of freedom, peace and openness. The artist’s illuminated flock of birds attempts to generate these sensations, empowering it through light.
The Illuminated – this game of light was also created by Alon Birger. It takes place on a vast, 5 meter tall statue of a person dreaming dreams made of light. The exhibit is a form of introspective journey inside the illuminated figure’s body and thoughts, signifying man’s aspiration to achieve enlightenment and higher awareness. This piece of art expresses the contrast between the statue’s serene and static posture (the body), and the flow of light (the thoughts), a state that occurs in meditation.

The Egg – Mai Lighter of the Alon Birger studio
A giant egg throbs with illuminated heartbeats that generate a mysterious yet relaxed atmosphere, examining the influence of light and tempo on atmosphere.

"Whale" – Carmel Shefa
'Therapy Hall' in the shape of a whale. This work was inspired by the sounds that whales make, and the unique frequencies they use, in communicating among themselves. 
Date Created: 27/11/17
Date Updated: 25/12/17