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Bicycle Exhibition 2 x 200

A new bicycle exhibition marking the bicentennial of the bicycle’s invention. 
Opening: July 1st, 2017  Closing: 3rd May, 2018 
This summer, the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem marks 200 years since the invention of the bicycle, with a new exhibition and activities for the whole family. The exhibition includes dozens of interactive exhibits, historic collections from Canada, USA and Holland, unique contemporary bicycles, works of art, video clips, graphics and more.
The exhibition regards bicycles as wonderful machines. They originated in the 19th century with the invention of pedal-less bicycles, and have developed ever since, culminating in today’s innovative bicycles. A separate section of the exhibition deals with the human rider and his ability to learn and never forget a series of complex and synchronized actions. The third section of the exhibition relates to the effect of bicycles on urban and social changes: the late 19th century women’s liberation movement; the hippy movement and the 1970’s invention of the mountain bike; the bicycle as a tool to improve the situation of third world populations; and the current use of bicycles that changes cities and urban lifestyles.
Innovation and invention are interwoven throughout the exhibition: the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers, who were bicycle builders and repairmen who used bicycles for their experiments; the invention of the car by the German, Benz, who attached a motor to a tricycle and more.
Among the exhibition’s flagship exhibits: cycling to activate an animation movie on bicycle development; riding a bicycle with square wheels in the museum yard; cycling through a wind tunnel and more. Guided tours, demonstrations and workshops will be held every day.
An 850 sq.m. arena is set up alongside the exhibition for visitors to try out unusual bicycle models.
The exhibition is an international collaboration headed by the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. We are joined by three other leading science museums: The  Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Canada; the Universum science museum in Bremen, Germany; and the Citta Della Scienza science museum in Naples, Italy. The museums are partners in funding the exhibition and its program and will present it themselves in coming years after the exhibition closes in Jerusalem and launches its world tour.
Historical items presented thanks to the assistance from:
The Canada Science and Technology Museum (Ottawa, Canada)
The Velorama National Bicycle Museum (Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
Private collection - Alon Wolf (Herev Le'et, Israel)
The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, USA)
Exhibition curators:
Prof. Ido Bruno, Bezalel Academy of Art (industrial designer and riding enthusiast)
Dr. Amir Ben Shalom, Chief Exhibit Developer, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

Date Created: 25/06/17
Date Updated: 25/06/17