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MakeLight: Lights Outside the Box

Date:01/12/2016 - 20/02/2017

Dates: 1.12.16 - 20.2.2017

Curator: Dr. Amir Ben Shalom
Since the dawn of history people have been building, creating, and repairing. They do so at home, in the garage, and sometimes with friends. These people are gifted with craftsmanship, inventiveness and creativity. They love challenges, and they take pride in showing off their work.
They are members of the MAKER movement.
As a result of the economic, social and technological revolution of recent years, amateurs have easy access to advanced digital tools. Today even amateurs can realize their creative dreams. The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem has opened its doors to help MAKERS turn their dreams into reality, providing them with a place to meet their peers, and a forum for showing their works to the general public.

We believe there are MAKERS everywhere. Some people don’t even know they are MAKERS. They think with their hands, adapt objects to suit their needs, and utilize every opportunity to be inventive. They are curious to study and discover new technological worlds. They are skilled at making the things they need. They develop new abilities. They are always improvising, adapting objects to new uses.
How about you? Are you a MAKER?
The MakeLight exhibit is an annual exhibit featuring the work of MAKERS from all over the country. This year’s exhibit is a tribute to the Games in Light and Shadow exhibit that the museum has presented in the past four years. It uses fun and games to sheds light on the relationships between the source of light, the body casting a shadow and the area on which the shadow falls.
The Lights Outside the Box exhibit is a celebration of art and creativity and an examination of how far the boundaries of a familiar, everyday phenomenon such as casting a shadow can be pushed

Date Created: 04/12/16
Date Updated: 23/04/17