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Date:10/03/2017 - 01/04/2017

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites you to Purim fun for all ages – workshops, demonstrations, guided tours, and a 3D film!
Moving costume workshop: The workshop where we make moving toys will arrange your mustache and eyebrows…From Saturday 11th– Monday 13th March Noga Alhassid will show us how to create masks out of paper and cardboard with moving mustaches and eyebrows, in the spirit of the MAKER movement. The Moving Toys Workshop (on its best
Seeing differently workshop: Make your own cardboard eyeglasses using colorful light filters, mirrors and lots more. Your glasses will produce special effects in all the colors of the rainbow. A gift for every participant. (ages 4 and up)
Confusion workshop: Have you ever wondered how you see and what happens in your brain when you activate the sense of sight? In this surprising and fascinating workshop you are invited to try out glasses for lazy people, upside-down glasses, pinhole glasses, and more. You’ll learn how the brain gets confused by changes in the amount of light, what is the visual mechanism, and what’s the capacity of our brains. (ages 8 and up. This workshop will only take place on Purim and Saturdays).
The magic of science demonstration: Water disappears from a glass, a never-ending jug of water, magic paper, fabric that never gets wet, and the connection between age and exercise – all this and more at our fascinating and entertaining scientific demonstration with audience participation. We’ll learn the scientific secrets behind some surprising and famous magic tricks.
Display of our top favoritesMirror maze – enter the deceptive mirror maze to see your never-ending reflection. See if you can find your way out. Big-little chair – what happens when little ones become big or when the opposite happens? An enjoyable optical illusion. Take a photograph home as a souvenir.


3D Movie: TINY GIANTS– a fascinating 3D nature movie with Hebrew soundtrack. Produced by the BBC.

The movie follows two small creatures who are challenged by forces greater than themselves, Last screening Saturday 18/3/2017.
Wings of Life - A 3D film produced by Disney Nature Studios. A celebration of color invites you to hover from flower to flower with butterflies, bees, bats and birds, pollinating blossoms that bloom in diverse regions and under a variety of conditions all over the world. First Screening Saturday 25/3/2017

* Screenings on weekends, holidays and special event. Additional fee NIS 10.



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