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Nobel prize for Chemistry to Prof' Ada Yonath

In December 2009 Prof' Ada Yonath from the Weizmann Institute of  Science received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem has produced a short presentation that explains the scientific challenge that Prof' Yonath dealt with, the solutions she found and the significance of her research to science.

The presentation was shown at the Museum during the Hannukah 2009 event, which was dedicated to Darwin and the international year of evolution.

The ribosome is the part of the cell that translates the genetic information of the DNA.

Evolution theory evokes the question – how do we transfer information to our siblings and how does this information interact with the environment?

The deciphering of the structure of the ribosome helps in our understanding of how DNA guides the development of the living world.

Download the Powerpoint presentation

Date Created: 06/01/10
Date Updated: 07/05/13