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Maya Halevy, Director

Deputy-Director of Content Development, Varda Gur-Ben Shitrit

Deputy-Director of Development, Tal Bar-Lev

Content Development

Dr. Amir Ben-Shalom, Director of Exhibit Development
Dr. Erel Morris, Science Content Manager
Dr. Chagit Tishler, Early Childhood, Evaluation &  Knowledge Manager
Eti Oron, Educational  Projects Manager
Elad Paz,  Make & Technology Programs  Manager


Esthy Brezner, Education Manager
Tair Nahum, Visitor Services Manager
Samaher Hoseen, Arab Sector Coordinator
Roman Thizevski, Religious Sector Coordinator
Shir Peri, Schools Coordinator
Omer Gaist, Educational Guides Coordinator
Miri Ohana, Activities Coordinator
Saja Zidan, Educational Activities Coordinator 
Naama Cohen, Key Scientific Experiments Program

Hamutal Lotan, Coordinator of Young Scientists and Developers Competition

Marketing, Sales and Communications

Etti Brind, Publicity, Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Idan Vaaknin, Graphic Designer

 Rut Nachmani, Manager of New Media (on maternity leave)


Lidya Ben-David, Head of Administration

Atara Kroitser, Senior Bookkeeper 

Technical and Operations

Rony Ben Haim, Chief Operating Officer
Uri Sinai, Manager  of Technical Team
Rama Menashe, Operations Coordinator
Eyal Vogel, Industrial  Designer
Baruch Unger, Lathe Machinist
Ginadi Yamlianov, Microelectronics
Shmuel Uliel, Electrician
Danny Shalem,  Carpenter and exhibits maintenance
Ronen Ben Zeev, Carpenter and exhibits maintenance
Yossi Antokolitz, Senior Guide & Purchaser
Dimitry Polonsky, IT Coordinator
Samer  Asala, Guide & Technical support Coordinator
Daniel Khasin, Technical support Assistant
Date Created: 03/01/13
Date Updated: 23/12/18